It all starts with a Dream

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As kids we get conditioned to come up with an answer when presented with a question. Schools play a big role in that to have an answer for a question asked. Don't take up my words just do an experiment for yourself. No matter which part of the world you live its pretty much the same. As an research just go out on the streets and ask any stranger you see about a address. You will find that most people will start wondering for the answer to tell you the address or they will take a pause before saying that they don't know the answer. The school system conditions us for the fact that its not ok to make mistakes. Mistakes are the building blocks of learning. They are the foundation to real discoveries. Yet most people are to fearful of making a mistake so they don't even take a single step towards their passion. What a waste of talent and life. Every setback teaches us some great valuable lessons of life. I failed in many things i did in life to eventually land upon my life's mission while attending Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within in London in 2007. If its was not for my mistakes I made on my life journey I would not have landed on this life mission. I found my passion after going through many setbacks in life and all my mistakes turned out to be great life lessons. So be ok to make mistakes and open for the learnings of life while you take calculated risks. I always say make a mistake but don't make a blunder. Not going out for your passion in life is the biggest blunder of all. Live will passion and I will see at some one of the empowering workshops of mine. Stay blessed #success #learnfrommistakes #lifelessons #myjourney #trulyblessed