El Conquistador, World's Longest Slide Ever

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2009-11-02 22:10:57 Категория: Путешествия Автор:
This is a video compilation that was done to amuse my kids. It is not a real long slide. It is not in any way an educational or a fact video, but just a family fun time. Some here called it a video loop, but it is not a loop - it's a compilation. It started as a joke, but with all the going up and down the stairs, I should of called it the "World's Most Tiresome Slide"... :) When we did it we thought it would be amusing for my children and their friends. None of us expected even 100 views in total. Funny how it caught up, despite a very detailed description, that was written to make sure no one mistakes it for what it really is. And yet, it keeps going and going... Please do not leave comments that you wouldn't want your kids to read, as my kids are looking at this video a lot, and I'd like them not to read inappropriate language. For Updates Like our Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/Welcome2TheInternet Place = El Conquistador Resort in Fajardo, Puerto Rico. Camera = Canon PowerShot D10