Shite Irish Mammies Say // Clisare

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2013-02-25 01:57:47 Категория: Комедии Автор:
The long-awaited sequel. For the one year anniversary of Shite Irish Girls Say. Every Irish mother you ever meet will sound like this. Shite Irish Girls Say: More Videos About Ireland & Being Irish: Best of Clisare: SUBSCRIBE for weekly videos: Subscribe to my channel for video blogs of my life: ***Social Links*** TWITTER! FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: TUMBLR: MERCH: (EU & US shops) Snapchat: RealClisare Bookmark me so you never miss an upload! ***Want Clisare to come to your activity/event?*** Contact Clisare here: **Want to send Clisare something?** Clisare PM751990 Parcel Motel Unit 5Mygan Park Jamestown Road Finglas East Dublin 11 Ireland