The Most Dangerous and Strangest Airports in the World!

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The 20 most incredible, challenging and amazing airports in the world! ► ► SHARE IT ON FB: ◄ ◄ In this first part you will see a collection of the top 10 world's most amazing airports in the world, including: - Gustaf III Airport, also known as St. Barthélemy Airport in the Caribbean - Princess Juliana International Airport, also known as St. Maarten Airport, located in the island of Saint Martin (the Dutch side of the island in the country of Sint Maarten) - Tenzing-Hillary Airport, also known as Lukla Airport - Gibraltar International Airport - Courchevel Altiport in France - Barra Airport in Scotland - Alexandros Papadiamantis Airport, also known as Skiathos Airport - Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport, also known as Saba Airport - Madeira Airport in Portugal - Santos Dumont Airport in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and many more in the second part, including: - Paro Airport - Toncontín International Airport in Honduras - Leipzig/Halle Airport in Germany - Kai Tak Airport (closed in 1998) and the new Hong Kong International Airport - Kansai International Airport in Japan - Ice Runway in Antarctica You will also see (in the third part) some of the most challenging and crosswind landings of the biggest airplanes in the world (including Boeing 747, Boeing 777, Airbus A380 and Antonov An-225) in some of the most incredible airports in the world. ------------------------------ CREDITS All clips and images in this video have been directly recorded by me or used with written authorization from the author or in accordance with their CC-BY/CC-BYSA license. Clips and Images under CC license are listed in "Source videos - View attributions" and below: - Lukla: "Superikonoskop" from - Sint Maarten: "Delta9prod" from youtube / "alljengi" from - Gibraltar: "Ayala" from - Courchevel: "Peter" from Robinett / "Piponwa" from - Barra: "calflier001" from - Skianthos: "Kullez" from / "ChristosV" from / "Son of Groucho" from - Madeira: "Koshelyev" from / "Richard Bartz" from / "Manfred Kohrs" from - Saba: "Pia L" from / Video: "Patrick Hawks" from - Rio: "Steve" from ---- Curiosity