27 Perfectly Timed Photos

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We are so glad these photos were captured! Funniest and most amazing perfectly timed photos, prepare to laugh!! Subscribe to Talltanic http://goo.gl/wgfvrr #14 - Will You Marry Me When the universe asks for your hand in marriage, you say yes. When it proposes with a solar eclipse ring, you should be over the moon with joy. These are some punny jokes, but the timing of this was perfect, it looks like an amazingly unique wedding picture. #13 - Is That The One You Asked For It’s an age-old folk tale that babies are brought to the parents by way of stork. While we know this is not the way babies come about, this perfectly timed picture tries to make liars of us all. #12 - Spitting Water Here is another perfectly timed picture that depicts this woman spewing water from her mouth when in reality she is sitting in front of a water fountain and craning her neck back. People probably thought she was crazy for staring at the water like that while the picture was being taken. Hopefully, those who did later saw this picture all over the web. #11 - The Giant Bugs Are Attacking Well, it appears that way at least. What better thing to do when you have an enormous grasshopper clinging to your front windshield for dear life? Snap a photo and make it look like he’s taking over the whole town. Ah, the things we do to amuse ourselves. #10 - Your Conditioner Smells Nice Women are usually guilty of spending quality time in the shampoo and conditioner aisle as they smell literally everything there is to offer. The same must have been going on right before this was shot. Due to the placement in the photo, the one woman looks like she is smelling the other one’s hair. It seems she is smelling pretty vigorously since it appears that the strand of hair is inside her actual nostril. #9 - The Time The Prez Was A Wizard Almost everyone loves Harry Potter and the promise of an interactive wizarding world. Former President Obama must share the same love, as we can see here, he looks like an actual wizard. All he is missing is a hat and a wand; the black windbreaker we see here could sort of pass as black wizard’s robes. #8 - A Smile In The Sunset This photograph has been around for awhile now; it may be one of the first examples of perfect timing in photography, at least one of the first to surf around the internet. These birds had no idea they were giving everyone who saw them something to smile about. #7 - Bruce the Friendly Shark Remember Bruce the shark from Finding Nemo? Here’s his friend Phil. He is just as friendly and can be seen here hi-fiving a scuba diver. Not something the diver expected, I’m sure, but pretty cool position and timing from the photographer. #6 - A New You While this lady didn’t mean to reveal this much of herself to everyone today, the person across from her thought that now would be the opportune moment. Here is a perfectly timed picture, next time she should check out the news on the first page. #5 - The Game of Hacky Sack There are a ton of great perfectly timed pictures that involve the sun. Some are posing with the sunrise or sometimes the sunset, either way; they are all incredible photographs. This one is especially gorgeous with the vibrant red in the background caused by the setting sun. It looks as though he is playing hacky sack or maybe soccer with a smaller ball. #4 - The New Bubble Boy This yellow lab knows when to strike a pose. Even though he is clearly chasing the giant bubble and has no idea what a photograph even is, the timing here was perfect. It looks like we have a new bubble boy in the neighborhood. #3 - A Thirsty Feline This cat is probably not a very happy camper because instead of letting him back inside, his owner is taking picture after picture with their phone. What the cat doesn’t know is that with the addition of the Pepsi and straw, this just became the number one most “liked” picture on Instagram. #2 - The Headless Gymnast During what appears to be a great performance, judging by the intricate costume and killer split leap, this gymnast threw her head too far back, and someone snapped this picture. Now, no matter how spectacular the act was, nor how many other beautiful pictures were taken, she will always be remembered from this piece as the girl without a head. #1 - The Hover Dog Everyone has seen those new hoverboards, right? Most kids got them on Christmas. This year they have come out with something new and improved! A hover dog. Now you race your dogs as they hover inches above the ground. That’s not really what’s going on here, this dog’s picture was just taken at just the right time when all four legs were up off the ground.